Why Is Cochrane Such An Appealing Place To Live?

You know what they say... Location, Location, Location

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  • Cochrane
  • Family Generations

You know of Cochrane. You’ve probably been out here for ice cream, or a game of golf. Maybe stopped by on your way to the mountains, or Ghost Lake. Undoubtedly you said to yourself “Oh, now this is the life. Wouldn’t it be sweet to live in the shadow of the Rockies without all the hustle and bustle.” Then you got in your car and drove right back to the hustle and bustle, musing about the day you could live west.

Well the day has arrived. (Actually it arrived in 1881 when the great Cochrane Ranche launched a ranching heritage that thrives to this day.)

Cochrane is changing the way people look at life. Instead of work hard/sacrifice/ retire/start living, we have moved “start living” to the front of the line. And people are coming from far and wide to do so.

Come explore what Cochrane has to offer.
A quality of life beyond expectation

  • First Time Buyers

    There is a myth about home buying that needs to be busted, and that is buying your first home calls for a lot of sacrifices. Not true - if you buy in Cochrane, one of the fastest growing communities in Canada. link
  • Luxury Living

    True to its heritage as one of Alberta’s great ranch empires, there’s an abundance of executive and estate homes here in Cochrane. Explore the well-appointed residences in the finest communities in Cochrane. link
  • Life Style Change

    If you’re thinking about a lifestyle change, consider the unique advantages of Cochrane. Compare the value. Selling your home in Calgary and moving out here will allow you to get more home for your money. link
  • Need More Space?

    The desire for more space is part of our DNA here in Alberta. Like they sing in the song,“Oh give me land, lots of land under starry skies above, don't fence me in.” And in when in comes to new homes in Cochrane, you won’t feel fenced in – there’s more space out here. link